SS2 - The reflection of the large within the small

von Gabriele Musebrink

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Gabriele Musebrink in her video “The reflection of the large within the small” from the master class series “Steinzeichen” (stone signs). This work is characterized by areas made up of different materials. Again, you will be working on a large canvas, starting with layers of building material and lime putty.

This time, ink and egg tempera will play an important role. You will learn how to connect the different surfaces by pouring ink, using the spray bottle and applying specific brushstrokes, thus creating a well-balanced composition. “Weighing" the painting gently is a key component of this painterly process. Further layers of paint are applied on the different surfaces.

The color application will be predominantly liquid and very transparent. You will determine yourself how many layers will be necessary in your work. Keep in mind that the quality of such a work is determined by the quality of the structured surfaces. Observe what is happening throughout the work process. Reflect on what you have done and what has changed as a result.

Once again, Gabriele Musebrink describes her process in detail and presents it very comprehensibly, making this second stone signs course another highlight for all of her fans.

Gabriele Musebrink

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